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Welcome to Wright Money Tips! Join Isaac Wright, CFP®, ChFC® and his guests for a bi-weekly show as they discuss current topics pertaining to personal finance and lifestyle planning. You may recognize Isaac through his radio show on WRVA that ran close to 10 years. He has also been a past contributor to various media outlets including CBS, The Richmond Times Dispatch and Kiplinger just to name a few. Take a listen and subscribe today to receive notifications on new episodes, our custom newsletter and even upcoming events!

Episode 26: Has COVID Made “Work Optional” A New Standard?

Hard to believe it’s been two years since we first felt the impacts of COVID. Looking back, we went from a total shutdown to the realization that we will likely have to live with this as part of our daily lives. Through it all, many of us have taken a step back to evaluate how…
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Episode 25: Are 7% Bonds Too Good to Be True?

Where can you go as an alternative to bank savings and try to keep up with cost of living? On this episode, we discuss some of the pros and cons of owning an inflation adjusted bond or I bond. This type of savings product is currently paying over 7%. Take a few minutes to learn…
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Episode 24: A Financial What To-Do in 2022!

We’re all about checking off a to-do list! On this episode, Isaac Wright, CFP®, ChFC®, talks with Ricky Lafon, MBA, CFP®, RICP®, about how a financial checklist can help you mark off key considerations for the beginning of 2022. They broke down some easy steps to get the ball rolling on being more financially aware…
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Episode 23: Holiday Message from Isaac Wright, CFP®, ChFC®

On this episode, Isaac shares a special holiday message and thanks his guests and listeners for making Wright Money Tips a success in 2021. Stay tuned for new episodes and special guests in 2022!
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Episode 22: Making an Impact: Mercy Mall of Virginia

On this episode, Isaac talks with Stacey Jones, Executive Director of Mercy Mall of Virginia, about the impact that Mercy Mall is having on improving the lives of people in need and the creative ideas that they are implementing to pave the way to help more individuals and families in our community.
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Episode 21: Health Insurance Update & FAQs

On this episode, we will talk with Josh Viles, Owner of Viles Insurance, about the various options around the health insurance landscape and what may be on the horizon if you find yourself in need of health insurance due to open enrollment, retirement or other life changes!
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Episode 20: Is There a Bubble in Real Estate?

Rising home prices have many worried about another real estate bubble, similar to 2007.  On this episode, Isaac will discuss this concern with Kezia Samuel CAIA®, CFA® and weigh the economic factors, shedding some light on this unique situation.
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Episode 19: Moving the Financial Goalpost!

We have found that people often move the goalposts in their own financial and retirement plan…often to their own detriment.  Listen to Isaac Wright CFP®, ChFC® along with Ricky Lafon MBA, CFP®, RICP® discuss some of the ways that people are likely to change their goals and deadlines.  
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Episode 18: Common Investing Mistakes

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or just getting started, it’s important to not overlook some common mistakes when it comes to your investments. Listen to Isaac Wright, CFP®, ChFC® along with Aaron Reed, discuss why it is so easy to invest money, especially during up markets and how to prevent problems related to your investment…
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Episode 17: Making the Most of Your 401(k)!

The government is making it easier than ever before to systematically contribute to 401(k)s and workplace retirement plans.  You may already have a retirement plan that you contribute to BUT consider taking a few minutes to listen to Isaac Wright, CFP®, ChFC® and Ricky Lafon MBA, CFP®, RICP® discuss the common mistakes and misconceptions around…
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