Wright Money Tips With Isaac Wright CHFC®


The Coronavirus Financial Shopping List

Although the Coronavirus has created plenty of hardships for our communities, from a financial perspective it’s also providing us with many opportunities. Isaac will give us some quick-hitting suggestions on today’s show for some investing moves you can think about making in the current market.

Coronavirus Lessons to Help Us Better Prepare for the Next Crisis

Hopefully the coronavirus economic disaster is a once-in-a-lifetime type of event. But there will certainly be some other crisis in the future that you need to be prepared for. Let’s talk about some of the lessons learned so far that will help you next time—if you weren’t prepared this time around …

Underrated Items In Financial Planning

This topic is simple. Things related to your money, finances, and retirement that should get way more attention and excitement. Let’s give them the love they deserve on this episode.

The Biggest Assets In Your Retirement Plan

If you really took inventory of your financial situation, you might find that you’ve been taking for granted some assets that make up a huge piece of your puzzle…

How The SECURE Act Will Change Retirement

After it simmered in Congress for a year, the SECURE Act is now law. If you have a retirement account of any kind, or will one day inherit a retirement account, this will affect you.


With all of the things in the financial world that you can’t control, why would you sabotage your own retirement by messing up the things you can control? Let’s discuss some ways that people sabotage their own financial health.

Taking Out The Trash

Sometimes you just need to go through your financial life and take out the trash. Let’s talk about the things that might need to be thrown out…

Financial Security

“Financial Security” might mean different things to different people, but for nearly everyone, making sure that they achieve their own definition of security is the most important part of their retirement plan. So, how do you define financial security? On today’s show, we’ll cover some of the popular responses we hear from clients during the planning process.

Life Insurance Mistakes

If life insurance becomes part of your retirement plan, you need to make sure you’re able to cash in on a claim should the situation arise. Unfortunately, people make mistakes that end up preventing that from happening. We’ll tell you about those and what you can do to keep that from happening.

Financial Blame Game

Have you ever had financial trouble? And we’re not just talking about the direst of situations like going bankrupt. Do you think a divorce is to blame for messing up your finances? Do you tend to think the system is rigged against the little guy? Did a former broker “do you wrong”? On today’s podcast, we’ll look at some of the common things that people might blame for their financial planning troubles. See if you identify with one of these. Are you pointing your finger in the right direction?