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The Downfalls of Doing it Yourself

We know, it’s tempting to just plan out your finances by yourself. After all, it’s your life that’s being planned, right? However, DIY planning can often lead to DIY disasters. It’s likely you will need an experienced professional to guide you through a successful retirement, and to avoid some common mistakes that people make when planning on their own.

Understanding Your Statements

What do people need to know about  things that they might see on their various account statements?  Isaac discusses some items that may not be clear to you.

Football and Retirement Planning

At this time of year, you can find football on TV almost every night of the week. Isaac takes some concepts from the game of football and applies them to our retirement planning.

401(k) Mistakes

Isaac discusses some of the common mistakes people make with their 401(k)s.

Retirement Uncertainties

You want to plan ahead for financial security in retirement, but there are so many elements that are difficult – perhaps even impossible – to predict. Isaac talks about four of these topics and how you can make the best decisions despite the uncertainty.

Rules of Thumb

You might have heard some of these rules of thumb about retirement planning and investing, but how relevant are they to you and which ones should you be using? Isaac will walk you through each rule.

Hurricanes and Retirement Planning

Since much of the country has recently spent a lot of time watching the Weather Channel and getting a refresher on how hurricanes work, let’s take the opportunity to see what we can learn about retirement planning from a discussion about hurricanes.

Do You Need an Advisor?

Going to see a financial advisor can sometimes feel intimidating, or even unneccessary, depening on your level of involvement with your personal finances. Isaac will give you the honest truth on whether or not you might need a financial advisor.

Financial Jargon

Some advisors intentionally use financial jargon to confuse people, but most just don’t realize that the terms they use so often aren’t widely understood by most normal people. Isaac will explain the meaning of some of these terms.

The Voice of Greed

When it comes to your money, you might have several different voices in your head—maybe the voice of greed, or the voice of fear, and sometimes the voice of wisdom. Let’s look at some things we might hear from the voice of greed so you know how to recognize it when you hear.